Family History

The Daces in the Great War

My grandfather Syd Dace (known as SAD) was a pre-war Boy Scout and gamekeeper who fought on the Somme and at Ypres and survived a gassing to command a Home Guard company in the next war.

SAD's War
First Day of the Somme - 1st July 1916
Regina Trench - 21st October 1916
Scouting on the Somme
Poelcapelle - 22nd October 1917
Kaiserschlacht - 19th March to 17th April 1918

My great uncle Alf Dace was a pre-war gardener and Territorial who fought at Gallipoli and later worked for the War Graves Commission in France.

Alf's War

More Family History

The Dace Family

Earlier members of the Dace clan.

The Lingleys at War

My paternal grandmother's family in action.

The Kurtz Family

My maternal German ancestors.

The Pezaro Family

Relatives by marriage: a rather sad tale.

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