Select Publications

'The Archdeacon and his Staff at Work: An Example from Twelfth-Century Warwickshire', Warwickshire History, xvii, 1 (2018)

Introduction and Appendix 2 - The Newburgh Earldom of Warwick and its Charters, 1088-1253, ed. D. Crouch and R. Dace, Dugdale Society, XLVIII (2015)

'Twelfth-Century Hermitages in the Arden', Warwickshire History, xvi, 1 (2014)

'The Jews of Warwick c.1180 to c.1280', Local Historian, 37, 4 (2007)

'The Hastang Family and their lands, 1086-1204', Warwickshire History, xii, 6 (2005)

'The Birmingham family 1135-c.1300' and 'The Du Bois family 1071-c.1300', DoNB, (2004)

'The Bourton family and their lords in the twelfth century Midlands', Prosopon, 13 (2003)

'Lesser Barons and Greater Knights', Haskins Society Journal, 10, (2002)

'The Foresters of Cannock in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries', Prosopon, 12 (2001)

'Warwick and its Townspeople at the end of the Twelfth Century', Warwickshire History, ix, 2 (1994)

'Richard the Kentishman; a Twelfth-Century Burgess of Warwick', Warwickshire History, viii, 1 (1991)

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